Below we have listed several details pertinent for surgery. If you have scheduled an appointment, or are thinking about scheduling, please read the following carefully. When you schedule your appointment we will go through these procedures again. Please be aware that Cause for Paws does a confirmation call or text a week or two ahead of your surgery date. If we do not get a response to that confirmation, we will cancel the appointment to open up the spot for someone else. If you have a question that is not answered below, call us!

  • All animals must be dropped off between 7 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. the morning of your scheduled appointment. 
  • Please do not feed your pet after 8 pm the night before surgery. Water is okay.
  • Please bring all dogs in on a leash. We will place them in one of our kennels.
  • Please bring all cats in cat carriers lined with newspaper. Please do not put pillows, blankets or towels in the carrier. If you do not have a cat carrier and cannot borrow one, please bring them in a pillowcase. We will place them in one of our kennels.
  • If your pet is current on their Rabies vaccination and it was done at another clinic, please bring proof of current rabies with you. A receipt or rabies certificate showing the date given is sufficient. Rabies tags usually do not include the date Rabies was given, so it is not sufficient evidence of a current Rabies vaccination.
  • If your pet does not have a current Rabies vaccination, or you do not have proof of current Rabies, it is required by law to give your pet a Rabies vaccination at the time of surgery. If you refuse to allow a Rabies vaccination to be given, we will not preform the surgery.
  • Please be sure to read the release form in its entirety. You will be asked to sign the bottom of the release form stating that you have read all of the risks and information regarding surgery and anesthesia.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please give a one week notice if possible. We would like to be able to reschedule that spot with someone else.
  • If our vet finds fleas on your pet, Cause for Paws will treat the animal with a flea treatment at your expense. The necessity for this service is determined by the vet. If you do not want your pet treated for fleas if they are found, please use another clinic for surgery.
  • Payment for services is due when you pick up the animal. We accept credit cards (excluding American Express), debit cards and cash for payment. No CareCredit or checks are accepted. We will not have a final total for surgery charges until after the surgery is complete. You can call in the afternoon prior to pick-up to see what the total bill will be.
  • If your dog/cat is in heat, pregnant, or needs a flea treatment, there will be an additional charge. The vet determines the necessity for these procedures.
  • Our staff reserves the right to refuse services to any animal not healthy enough for these procedures. If your pet is not in top health, we recommend that they see a full service veterinarian prior to surgery. Please let us know if your pet is on any medications, has any disorders, recent injuries, or illness. Any  problems your pet may have can increase the surgical risk, and it may need to be done at a full service clinic.
  • During pick-up you will be given complete aftercare instructions. Please listen to these instructions carefully and keep the paperwork we send home with you. All aftercare instructions will be listed on the post-surgery paperwork along with an emergency contact number. Cause for Paws is not responsible for injury after surgery. Aftercare instructions MUST be followed. If the animal has complications after surgery, please use our emergency contact number and we will let you know what procedures you need to follow.
  • All dogs will leave wearing an e-collar. This collar must be worn for the full ten days of recovery. If the e-collar is removed early, Cause for Paws is not responsible for any injury.
  • All animals will receive a 24-hour pain injection directly after surgery. All dogs will go home with a five day supply of pain medication, included in the cost of surgery. Pain medication is available for cats for an additional charge. Feline pain medication is now a controlled substance and much more expensive, therefore Cause for Paws must charge extra.


    Cause for Paws is not a replacement for your full service veterinarian. We do not examine, diagnose, or treat illness or injury. Cause for Paws recommends that your animal be seen by a full service veterinarian for annual check-ups and to diagnose any underlying illness. We reserve the right to refuse services to any pets that are not healthy enough for surgery, vaccinations or medication. Cause for Paws is not responsible for injury after surgery. Aftercare procedures must be followed correctly.