Cause for Paws offers low cost vaccinations to help people provide basic care for their precious pets. Puppies and kittens should start their vaccinations at six weeks of age. You will need to do a series of three Parvo/Distemper vaccinations for puppies, and three distemper vaccinations for kittens. These vaccinations need to be done three to five weeks apart. Once a series is complete, your pet will still need annual vaccinations. We use a three year rabies vaccine. You will need to check with your city and county to see if they accept three year vaccines, or if they require one every year. In order for the three year Rabies vaccination to be effective, you must booster the initial vaccination one year later at the same clinic. We also recommend a Bordatella vaccination for all dogs yearly.

*Parvo/Distemper + Lepto is only recommended for dogs that come in contact with livestock or wild animals on a regular basis. The additional medication in this vaccine is more likely to cause an allergic reaction, so it is only recommended if the animal is at high risk for contracting Leptospirosis.


**Once Leukemia vaccinations have been given two years in a row, they are good for two years. The Feline Distemper is still an annual vaccination, so the cat will need to be seen once a year.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a low cost clinic and therefore sometimes have extended wait times. On days that we are busy your wait time can be up to two hours. Please plan accordingly. Since we do not schedule appointments, we cannot guarantee a wait time at any point during the clinic. We do not have a way of estimating wait times upon your arrival. It depends on what other customers need that are in front of you. 


Cause for Paws is not a replacement for your full service veterinarian. We do not examine, diagnose, or treat illness or injury. Cause for Paws recommends that your animal be seen by a full service veterinarian for annual check-ups and to diagnose any underlying illness. We reserve the right to refuse services to any pets that are not healthy enough for surgery, vaccinations or medication. Cause for Paws is not responsible for injury after surgery. Aftercare procedures must be followed correctly.

**Please NOTE**

We will not accept any incoming patients for shots after 1:30 pm to help reduce wait times in the afternoon. If you are coming in for vaccinations, please arrive between the hours of 9 am and 1:30 pm. If you arrive after 1:30 pm, the vet will not vaccinate your pet that day, you will have to return during the next shot clinic. 

Canine Vaccines


Rabies $10

Parvo/Distemper $10

Parvo/Distemper + Lepto* $10

Bordatella (Kennel Cough) $10

Heartworm Test $12



Feline Vaccines


Rabies $10

Feline Distemper $10

Feline Leukemia** $15

Feline Leukemia Test $22


Additional Services


Nail Trim $20

Express Anal Glands $20

Microchip $20